Financial Education

Why Financial Education Is So Important

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of Americans are worried about running out of money during retirement

of Americans do not have a retirement plan in place.

of Americans have difficulty making ends meet

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of Americans spend about equal to or more than their income. No room for savings!

of Americans lack adequate emergency savings reserves!

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of Americans with incomes ranging from $25K-$75K would have difficulty coming up with $2,000 for unexpected emergency.

of Americans indicated that financial education was not offered by a school, college or workplace where employed.

Student Loan Debt in the US

$1.5 Trillion
Average Student Loan Debt in the US
Approximately 4.7 million
borrowers have Student Loans In Default: ($88.4 billion)

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*Financial Capability Study: Collaboration between U.S. Department of the Treasury, President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy and the FINRA Investor Education Foundation. (